What's Your Wedding Style?

Authenticity is Beauty
Your style is your brand. And, your style is more than what you wear, or how you decorate your home. It's marked by everything from your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, to how you take your coffee. It's perfectly your own. It's who you are. We take who you are, and turn it into a wedding.


We know style. Before we started planning & designing weddings, we spent years working in the realms of event marketing and brand imaging. A huge part of successful brand imaging is learning what the brand is all about. It's about learning the brand's style. And because we know words like brand and “brand experience” seem like curious ways to describe wedding planning & design, we’d like to show you what we mean.

A brand is a collection of symbols, experiences, and associations connected with a product, a service, a person or any other artifact or entity. Brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as "cultural accessories and personal philosophies". (Klein, Naomi 2000 No Logo)

More importantly, a "brand experience" is our focus at Shi Shi Events. A "brand experience" is the sum of all points of contact with the brand. It's what creates a lasting bond between the brand, and traditionally speaking, the consumer. At Shi Shi Events, it's what creates a lasting bond between you the couple, your guests, and your wedding day. With the right "brand experience" your wedding will be timeless and completely unforgettable.

In our first meetings together we'll help you to discover your wedding style, and use it to select your location and vendors, as well as to create the design elements that will tell your story. Together, we'll develop the details that will become the little gems your guests will uncover throughout the evening. And, all along the planning process we'll ensure your overall desired look and feel encompasses all of the choices we make, to ensure your wedding is flawless and completely cohesive in its design.

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